• Streatham Wine House (map)
  • 53A Streatham Hill
  • London, England, SW2 4TS
  • United Kingdom

Well it was only a matter of time before we showed the modern wine classic Sideways - and considering we will just be celebrating our 1 year anniversary of our opening, we feel now is that time! 

Wine will be flowing all evening (as always...) And don't forget, every Sunday at Streatham Wine House is Forkage Sunday! What is Forkage you ask? We think Streatham has some of London's best pizza and so we offer free 'forkage' from small independent pizzaria's in the area. Bring in or Order in and enjoy a pizza from any of these great independents and enjoy it along with a 10% discount on all bottles of wine enjoyed in-house. #forkage

In addition to great wine, great pizza and a great movie, we will also have popcorn and our feature film-inspired beverage of the evening - Merlot (it had to be done!) - available throughout the night!

Tickets can be reserved in advance with a £5 deposit*

*The £5 is redeemable towards any drinks purchased in-house on the evening or completely refundable upon arrival to the screening.


A very dark comedy - A week before his friend Jack is to be married, best man Miles and the prospective groom head off to wine country for a week of fun, relaxation and - of course - wine drinking.  (Run time: 2h 06min; Rated R)

Director:  Alexander Payne Writers: Rex Pickett, Alexander Payne:  Stars:  Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen