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Please note that this is a ticketed event hosted in our private tasting room and space is limited, so you must pre-book to attend this tasting.

Event Price: £15/seat* 

*The £15 ticket price is redeemable towards any individual purchase of 6 or more wines after the tasting on the evening.

Join us for a fascinating tasting on the fantastic and emerging little-known region of Jura in eastern France. This really is rural France, with the stunning backdrop of the Alps and beautiful scenery boasting a collection of serene lakes. This is the Franche-Comté, land of the Montbéliarde cow, the only cattle permitted for the production of delicious Comté cheese. On top of all of this we have a plentitude of unique and diverse wine produced, completely different to anything else in the whole world. Jimmy Smith, Matt Wicksteed and Jeff (the orange campervan) visited the region in August 2014 and out of all their travels, this region stands out as the most unique - and wonderful!

Jura as a whole region only boasts a little over 2000 hectares (the next nearest this is Alsace with 15,000 hectares) so is a drop in the French ocean of wine. We will taste classic 'traditional' wines of the region - wines that have a distinctive edge to them as most will go through some maturation 'sous-voile' meaning underneath a layer of yeast, similar to that of Sherry, though not fortified. This adds a wealth of depth and flavour including unique kernel notes such as walnut and almond. We will also be showing examples of some newcomers to the region who are moving away from the traditional styles of Jura by utilising grape varieties such as Savignin and Chardonnay, but instead of under yeast (sous-voile) maturation, utilising an 'ouille' style (topping-up the barrel). This art of topping up ensures limited/no oxidation therefore keeping the wines fresher and lively. The result is an emergence of juicy, mouthwatering wines which really are an absolute delight to taste and indulge in.

This tasting is not one to miss!