• Streatham Wine House (map)
  • 53A Streatham Hill
  • London, England, SW2 4TS
  • United Kingdom

We are so excited to be participating in this year's Streatham Film Festival! And we are quite pleased to be showing Annie Hall as our feature film for the month of September. 

Wine will be flowing all evening (as always...) And don't forget, every Sunday at Streatham Wine House is Forkage Sunday! What is Forkage you ask? We think Streatham has some of London's best pizza and so we offer free 'forkage' from small independent pizzaria's in the area. Bring in or Order in and enjoy a pizza from any of these great independents and enjoy it along with a 10% discount on all bottles of wine enjoyed in-house. #forkage

In addition to great wine, great pizza and a great movie, we will also have popcorn and our feature film-inspired beverage of the evening - a Manhattan - available throughout the night!

Tickets can be reserved in advance via the Streatham Free Film Festival website. Link below.

Annie Hall

Annie Hall is a film about a comedian, Alvy Singer (Woody Allen), who falls in love with Annie Hall (Diane Keaton). Both of the characters are completely different but both strikingly entertaining and unusual. Alvy is an extreme pessimist that obsesses over the subject of death and has very sarcastic and cynical views about the world and the people around him. Annie is a ditsy and clumsy talented singer and photographer. When Alvy and Annie meet for the first time they are instantly attracted to each other and as a result their conversations are awkward but never the less adorable. The film takes you through the couple's love lives, before and after their relationship. Alvy often comes out of the scene he is in to talk directly to the audience about his views on whatever situation he is in (IMDB). (Run time: 1h 33min; Rated: PG)

Director: Woody AllenWriter: Woody Allen, Marshall Brickman Stars: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts