IT'S CELEBRATION TIME!! - - - 2-4-1 By The Glass!!!!

So here we are! We now have 2 years under our belt and what a 2 years it has been. From movie nights, to supper clubs, flights, to wine tastings. Not to mention all the busy Friday & Saturday nights, there has just been so many great moments here that we've lost count! 

We have the lovely community of Streatham to thank and for everyone that has shared a drink with us, we salute you! 

We'd love to invite all of you to the bar on the 7th for a good old fashioned celebraiton. We will be offering 2-4-1 on our By the Glass list from 3-7pm so it's your chance to try everyyyything and share a drink with us! 

We look forward to seeing you then, bring your family, bring your friends, we sure will!!!

Have a great day, 

The Streatham Wine House Team