• Streatham Wine House (map)
  • 53A Streatham Hill
  • London
  • Великобритания

Tickets: £15/pp

Grape Fun. The perfect way to learn more about much loved grape varieties, find out which style you like best and of course taste 6 different styles. All in good company of course!

This month it's Riesling time. This versatile grape variety can make many different styles, from dry, to off-dry, sweet, to sparkling and can be found all around the world. This tasting will showcase some prime, artisan examples of the different styles you can find all over the world and there will be 6 of them! As always nibbles will be offered up that go with the wines and one of our resident experts will be on hand to guide you through the wines and their stories. Book now on this excellent value tasting.